Purisalv Review – Is it Effective? Is it Safe? Does it Work?

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Purisalv is a product that claims to be the best of the best in terms of weight loss. What makes it different, however, is that it also claims to be healthy. Very few products that are designed to help us lose weight also claim to be healthy, because losing weight without cutting down on calories and working out all day long is the only healthy way to actually get rid of some pounds. That is, until now. Most weight loss products contain incredibly dangerous products, which mean they regularly get banned. The last one was ephedra, which caused upset stomachs, jittery feelings and, in some cases, heart problems. We decided to give Purisalv a try and see what effects we could notice.

PurisalvWhat Is Purisalv?

Purisalv comes from chia. Chia is a seed which has been proven to have tremendous nutritional value, as well as support weight loss in a way that no other seed can do. The history of chia is very long and interesting, and it is said Aztec warriors used it. According to legend, a warrior needed but one tablespoon a day to sustain themselves during a full day of battle. In those days, the seeds were so valuable that they actually functioned as a type of currency.

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Why Purisalv Works on Weight Loss

The first thing we found is that Purisalv really is very effective for those trying to lose weight. When the seed is placed in water, it expands and holds ten times its own weight. Consequently, the shell breaks and forms a type of gel. This is then consumed with water and it breaks down really slowly in your stomach, making you feel full for hours on end. Furthermore, the gel gets in the way of other foods, meaning your stomach can no longer absorb anything else. The gel also makes sure that sugar is released into your body in a slow and controlled manner, meaning you always feel full of energy, rather than experiencing sugar highs and lows. Furthermore, if there are any carbohydrates, it will only convert these to energy as and when required by the body. The product has even been proven to be effective with diabetic people. Best of all, the product does not make you feel nervous or jittery.

A lot of people have reported feeling as energetic as when they were in their early teens, having a need to move their body without this being uncomfortable or jittery. Plus, there is no come-down or crash from this, which could happen if you take a product that is high in sugar. Purisaly has gone through strenuous research and it was proven that metabolic rate was increased. Because the seed are made up almost fully out of fiber, it leaves you feeling fuller for longer and they keep you completely hydrated as well.

On average, people lost as much as 21 pounds over just five weeks.

Purisalv ProductWhy Purisalv is Safe and Healthy

Purisalv is very good to take and is actually healthy. In fact, Dr Oz, famous from the Oprah show, has stated that Chia seeds are some of the healthiest products in the world. Dr Bowden wrote a book called “100 Healthiest Foods to Eat During Pregnancy”, and he mentions the seeds in his book too. Another book “Born to Run”, which was a named on one NY Times’ bestsellers, talks about an ancient tribe whose people were able to run for hours on end. They attributed this to Chia seeds. There have been various other reports and articles from reputable sources, including:

  • Instyle Magazine – Eat Your Way to Gorgeous (released in January 2010)
  • Fox News Cleveland – a report on the benefits of using chia seeds for weight loss efforts

Naturally, safety is also very important. However, there have now been numerous reviews that have concluded that Purisalv does not have any negative side effects. It has passed a safety and quality check and has gone through FDA approval, which double checks that the product you consume is actually safe and suitable for human consumption. This is one thing that makes Purisalv so special, because not all manufacturers of chia products go through this.

Purisalv Nutrition FactsPurisalv Nutritional Facts

One of the most amazing things about the chia seed is that it is one of the only foods in the world that is actually part of each of the six different food groups. Furthermore, it contains some of the following:

  • Six times as much calcium than whole milk
  • Eight times as much omega 3 than salmon (and we all know how omega 3 is hugely important not just in losing weight but also for beautiful, radiant skin)
  • Contains the highest protein of all non-protein foods in the world
  • One third more antioxidants than blueberries (these make you feel and look younger and speed up your metabolism)

Purisalv Price

Nothing in this world is free, unfortunately. However, Purisalv is about as cheap as you can get, beating the price of many other products on the market. A month’s supply is only $29.95, whereas other comparable products average at around $40.

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What We Like

We like pretty much everything there is to like about this product. The main points, however, are:

  • The product works and it works incredibly well
  • It is backed by scientific evidence
  • Tested and approved for human consumption
  • No known side effects
  • Healthy and nutritious

And to top it off, the company gives a full six months money back guarantee if you aren’t entirely happy with what you received.

What We Didn’t Like

The only thing we could think of that we didn’t like is the fact that we have to take a supplement. In an ideal world, we would take one little pill and the fat would be gone and stay on. However, dreams aside, this is probably the best product out there.

Purisalv Chia SeedsThe Verdict

We cannot get enough of this product. The results we have seen are tremendous and we have never felt so young and energized in our lives. We wholeheartedly recommend this product to anybody who wants some help losing weight.


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